Hi! Welcome to Choice Landscapes, where we turn your outdoor spaces into a verdant oasis and offer among other things weed control. We know that weeds on your lawn and garden can be hard to deal with, and we are here for you to maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape. Let’s go through how our professional weed control services can impact your property today.

Why Weed Control is Essential

Besides being unsightly, they compete with your plants for crucial nutrients, water, and light. Your lawn can become duller due to these trespassers if left unchecked. When it comes to weed control, Choice Landscapes takes an all-inclusive approach that ensures that the lawn remains green throughout.

Comprehensive Weed Control Services

Our weed control services are aimed at destroying the weeds while promoting grass and plant health. Here is how:

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

A healthy lawn requires proper prevention of weeds even before they sprout. Our pre-emergent treatments work by creating a barrier in the soil that inhibits the germination of weed seeds. This is very effective in preventing weeds from growing in your yard.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

For already-emerged weeds there is a remedy; post-emergent treatments. We apply targeted herbicides which get rid of existing weeds without damaging the grass or other plant life within it. In this way, lawns always remain green and flourish.

Organic And Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Choice Landscapes practices environmental stewardship because we believe in its sanctity. We provide organic and eco-friendly weed control options that are safe for children, pets, as well as nature itself. These remedies are efficient enough to use consistently hence enabling one maintain high standards of beauty on his/her yard without compromising personal values.

Serving A Wide Range Of Locations

We have specialized in offering expert weed solutions across different places including:

Ormond Beach;

Ormond By the Sea;

Flagler Beach;

Palm Coast;

Daytona Beach;

Daytona Beach Shores;

Ponce Inlet;

Port Orange;


No matter where you are located, Choice Landscapes is ready to provide top-notch weed services to keep your lawn looking its best.

The Choice Landscapes Difference

What separates us at Choice Landscapes is our commitment to customer satisfaction and the small things that we do. We custom-make our weed remedies such that they match the needs of your turf leading to quality results. We are proud of what we do as a team of experienced professionals who enjoy creating beautiful landscapes.

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Do not let weeds take charge of your garden. Call Choice Landscapes now to book for weed control service. Whether you live in Ormond Beach or Port Orange among other places, just contact us if you need a picturesque garden with no weed in it.

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