Welcome to Choice Landscapes, your faithful ally in the creation of beautiful outdoor surroundings. If you have any idea of a luxury and lively landscape that suits your property and improves its curb appeal, this is the exact place for you. As the most recognized landscape services in Central Florida, we are proud to say that our solutions are high-end and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Outdoor space is a continuation of a home where moments worth remembering are made. We offer several landscape services that deal with every aspect of the process to bring your dreams closer to reality. For instance, if you need a makeover for your backyard paradise or want visitors to feel at ease when coming into your commercial premises, our team has experienced experts who can assist step by step.

Our Landscape Services:

Landscape Design: Our professional designers guide you all through starting from concept development to the final design which shows who you are.

Landscape Installation: Thereafter our skilled group goes ahead and executes the plan with great precision while paying attention to each detail involved during the landscaping process.

Shrub Trimming and Pruning: Keep your shrubs looking clean and strong by using our well-established trimming methods.

Tree Pruning and Trimming: Add more beauty and strength to trees while encouraging proper growth patterns together with structural integrity formation.

Tree Removal: Safely remove undesired or dangerous trees from your home site.

Insect and Disease Control: To preserve the value of their landscapes owners ensure they invest in insecticides used for pest control purposes.

Seasonal Color: Add plants that keep blooming round-the-clock throughout all seasons bringing both color bursts and texture variations into your garden or yard area too.

Sprinkler Repair: The sprinkler maintenance professionals from Choice Landscapes ensure maximum efficiency for irrigation systems at residential landscapes they handle through their expertise in repairs installation processes etc..

Lawn Cutting & Fertilization: To keep your lawn healthy and green, it has to be maintained through mowing and applying fertilizers on a regular basis.

Weed Control: This is the end of the story when weed dies under our hands because we have developed targeted control measures.

Mulch Installation: Through professional mulching, an attractive appearance is achieved in landscapes as well as soil health enhancement and moisture retention.

Serving Central Florida Communities

Choice Landscapes serves various communities within central Florida including

– Ormond Beach
– Ormond By the Sea
– Flagler Beach
– Palm Coast
– Daytona Beach
– Daytona Beach Shores
– Ponce Inlet
– Port Orange
– Deland

Our dedicated team is ready to give you a masterpiece outdoor space regardless of where you are in the area.

Why Choose Choice Landscapes?

When you hire Choice Landscapes, expect:

Expertise: We have been doing this for quite some time now so our team can bring you nothing but top-notch quality outcomes that will last longer than any other type of landscape project previously seen or experienced by your neighbors.

Quality: All we want from you is to enjoy durable beauty as well as functionality created with high-quality materials and equipment.

Customer Satisfaction: Our main aim here at Choice Landscapes is to make sure that all customers are pleased with what they get from us. Our industry goes beyond clients’ expectations in other words we satisfy more than just 100%.

Convenience: Offering a variety of services in one place ensures that landscaping activities flow uninterrupted without stress or strain being inflicted upon either party involved.

Get Started Today

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Service Areas:

Ormond Beach, Ormond By the Sea, Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, Deland